Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Paddlers - Guadalupe River

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The day before the winter solstice, the poor Paddlers were forced to endure a day on the Upper Guadalupe during which the temperature only reached the high 70's. The chosen route was again from Zoeller Lane to the Sisterdale crossing. The river flow for the thirteen kayakers was 57 cfs, enough to make it down the river without too much scraping.

Sandra and Susan await the return of the shuttlers (is that a word?).

Bing and Mike leading the pack.

Coming around the bend are Joline, ...

Mike, ...

... and Claire and Nancy.

The scenery was wonderful, as usual.

After stopping for lunch at the usual location, the paddlers gather for a group photo (sans Bing and Henry) by their favorite log. But first Joline has an old score to settle with Mike Smith, using a quick kick to his ... ahh ... knee.

Joline applauds as Mike is somehow able to smile through the pain. I'm not sure what the history is here, but click on this older post of our July 19, 2008, trip on the San Marcos River to witness another disturbing scene. Look for the photo about half way down that old post, immediately before the "Cottonseed Rapids" section.

A fallen warrior.

Ferns along one of the banks.

Violet Rapid

Mike takes the more difficult route, staying river left of Nancy Rock (see the December 6 post), and comes through with flying colors.

Note someone walking the rapid in the back- ground.

Who me, Miguel?

Joline maneuvers through, staying on the other side of the famous rock.

Susan must have decided to take the middle ground! High (but perhaps not dry) on top of Nancy Rock.

Expletive deleted (this is a family site, after all).

If looks could kill, there would be fewer rocks and trees.

Another expletive missed, due to a lack of audio.

Padddlers enjoying the show.

Nancy, the namesake of the rock (see December 6 post), decided to bypass the rapid this time. Here she enjoys playing in one of the eddies.

Claire follows Joline's route through the rapid.

Well, more or less.


At Reiko's insistence, Henry paddles back upstream to attack the rapid a second time, so that Reiko can use his camera to catch any mistake he makes on "film."

The chosen route requires a tight turn to slip between Nancy Rock and the rock below.

No problemo!

Well, it's my blog, so I can include as many photos of me as I want.

Finally, wildlife slow enough to catch on camera.

The armadillo plowing its field with its nose.

Adios, paddlers!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bobby's Big Birthday Bash #3 - Monday

Monday found most of the those remaining after Rick's departure on Sunday sleeping in late. Jose was kept busy butchering David's multiple kills (two does and three hogs). Mike had fun with Henry's camera early in the day.

A solitary vireo at the feeder outside the kitchen window.

A white-crowned sparrow.

What else? A cardinal.

A plain titmouse and an Inca dove.

Bobby pointing out construction details to Mike.

As Bobby, Mike, and Henry take a late afternoon drive around the ranch, a large flock of migratory geese pass overhead. Henry had heard two flocks flying overhead the night before.

A red-tailed hawk takes off from its perch along the closed county road.

Two turkeys run for cover near the river. They are fast!

The younger of two does along the gas pipeline easement.

The doe sticks out its tongue, trying to pick up my scent, ...

... then starts running straight towards me and the truck!

After stopping for a closer look, the doe slowly heads off to the right.

"Hiding" behind some trees, the young doe keeps an eye (or two) on me and sticks out its tongue again ...

... before finally fleeing to the left side of the easement.

One of two red-tailed hawks along the closed county road leaves its perch, ...

flies overhead, ...

... and joins its mate atop another pole.

As Henry approaches, the second hawk maintains its position for a while ...

... before also taking flight.

A clear indication of just how this hawk derives its name.

Perhaps the hawks were looking for this covey of bobwhite.

The ever-obedient (and slobbery) Jake greets his master at the entrance to the headquarters. The last visitors reluctantly prepare to head home after a great weekend.