Sunday, November 14, 2010

Diablos vs. Great Wall

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Although apparently unable to pose properly for a team portrait whenever an attractive woman walks by (note that only Coach is polite enough to pretend that he is completely uninterested), the Diablos did gather after their last game of the Fall 2010 season. This final match found them competing against Great Wall. I came out to the new S.T.A.R. soccer complex to watch my first Diablos game since undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery in January.

Rob displays his tenacious defense.

Ozzie stands tall while defending a free kick. What courage!

Niki sends the ball forward to a streaking attacker.

Arthur gets some air while heading the ball towards (well, maybe not quite towards) the goal off of a Diablos corner kick.

Not sure what Peter and Rob are doing here.

Josh modestly congratulates his teammate after scoring the game's only goal. Note the keeper retrieving the ball from the back of the net.

Mark passing after intercepting the ball.

Aries played keeper the second half, combining with Rob for a shutout.

Jose passes the ball to Peter at midfield.

Chris likes to sprint.

Mehran harasses a forward.

Arthur sends the ball to a sprinting (see, I told you) Chris.

"The other Mark" dribbles as Chris instructs.

George (third from left), a former teammate, walks off the field with Rob, Mark, and Arthur.

With the victory over Great Wall, the Diablos captured second place for the season and clinched a spot in the playoffs held at the end of next season. This time they posed correctly for the team photo.

Coach, Mehran, Ozzie, Arthur, Mark, the other Mark, and Josh met at Rudy's after the match. Well, I guess that I was there, too.

Note: For an additional 18 photos from the game, click here to connect to my Flickr page, then select "Slideshow."