Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Paddlers - Lower Guadalupe River

And now for something completely different! After several months of the San Marcos River being their only choice for moving water during our record drought, the Saturday Paddlers looked closer to home. A decision was made to try the Lower Guadalupe River. More specifically, the stretch of river pioneered by the Sacrificial Lambs back in May of 2009 (click here for a description of that trip). We would launch our boats at the downstream FM 306 crossing and take out about 5.5 miles later at Rocky Beach.

The last time we had paddled this section was in March of last year, when we were blessed with a water level of 579 cfs. That trip featured some exciting rapids and several swimmers, as detailed in this report. Even though the water level this time would be only 73 cfs, that would still be more than the 69 cfs experienced by the Sacrificial Lambs. So we knew that there would be enough water to avoid a lot of walking and dragging of boats. And with a starting time of 10:00, we felt confident that we would miss most of whatever tubers were brave enough to float the river at such a low water level.

Don navigates past the 4.5 mile dams, or what is left of them.

We enjoyed our favorite lunch spot at the confluence of Mountain Creek.

My remaining photos were shot at Bear Creek Rapid, which has been renamed by the tourist industry as Devil's Playground.

Shari slides through the final drop.

Bill and Cyndi enjoying their first outing with the Saturday Paddlers.

Sisters Margaret and Gayle. No, not nuns.

Joan having fun.

Joline displays the latest fashion in eyewear.

Larry showing off his power stroke.

My apologies for not catching Sandra in action, not that there was much at this low water level.

For an additional eleven photos, click here and then click on "Slideshow."