Saturday, November 12, 2011

Canyon Lake - Deck Construction

Note: Click on any photo to enlarge.

The construction of the entry way deck for the Canyon Lake house is progressing quite nicely. The deck will make the access to the front door much easier than the old stone stairs, especially for us older folks. Thanks to Nelson for the "fan" design concept for the stairway up to the deck. This design was implemented nicely by Jimmy Guerra.

The stairs open out towards both the entry gate and the pool.

The view from the entry gate.

Looking down at the deck from the second floor walkway (on left), and another view from the gate (on right).

The deck will connect nicely to the existing porch.

The curved section of the deck above the old stone stairs is quite attractive. Thanks again to Nelson for that idea, and to Dan and Jimmy for bending that two-by-six.

The view of the underside of the deck from under the porch.

Views from the pool.