Sunday, September 28, 2008

Diablos vs. Soccer Guru

For those who doubted the rationale behind the name of my blog, I present for your viewing pleasure these photos from the Diablos' match against Soccer Guru. This was the second game of the fall season for the Diablos, following an impressive comeback victory in their season opener. Despite twice falling behind by a goal, the team managed to gain a 2-2 tie to remain unbeaten.

Note: Left click on any photo to enlarge.

Mehran dribbles out of the defensive third as Mark watches.

Aries played sweeper with his usual aplomb.

Antonio attacking at full stretch.

Arthur gets down and dirty with a slide tackle.

Arthur appears to be in pain as Rob observes Mehran and Aries combining to stop an attack.

Andy charges out from his goal to collect the ball.

Chris battles for the ball with Coach Amir and Mehran in support.

Andy leaps for the save.

Noel heads upfield with Peter and Antonio providing outlets.

Chris slips in behind the defense and ...

... ties the game at 1-1. GOOOOOOOAL!

Peter, who would later score the final goal of the game, rushes to congratulate.

Amir battles in midfield.

Noel denies an attacker.

Lambert wonders how many players Arthur will take on before passing the ball. Amir often asks the same question.

A manly wall?

Chris and Peter working hard, as usual.

Antonio preparing for takeoff.

Chris goes airborne.

Noel playing with intensity.

Mark makes a legal throw-in.

Lambert is cool under pressure ...

... as is Noel.

Mehran and Mark work to preserve the tie.

Mark and Amir work in tandem.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Paddlers - San Marcos River

Ten kayakers enjoyed a beautiful day on the San Marcos River, which was running at about 119 cfs. We started our trip at the Westerfield crossing (County Road 101/266). The take-out was immediately below Martindale dam, at a new spot discovered by Robert.

Sandra and the group get underway.

Old Mill Rapid

Ann negotiates her way past the slab.

Lizette has a more personal encounter.


Richard ends up with a refreshing dip in the river.

Cottonseed Rapid

Robert really ready (for) rarely required rescues (of) reversed river runners.

Richard shows off by attacking the rapid backwards.

Susan politely avoids crashing into anyone this time.

Hey, mom, look at my skirt!

Joline and the good ship Renegade.

Nancy takes the river left route ...

... and returns for more.

Steve displays his surfing skills.

He made it!

Local wildlife (left click to enlarge) and the wild bunch.

Susan and Ann perfect the "hand on hip" stance.

Time to log off.

Local college men practice mating rituals above Martindale Dam.


Susan discovers that she left her car keys (fortunately recovered by Lizette and Steve) hanging from the trunk lid in the parking lot.

Eight hungry paddlers at the Grist Mill Restaurant in Gruene.