Sunday, May 11, 2008

San Marcos River - Mother's Day 2008

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Sally made Mother's Day special by joining Kathy, Henry, and our friend Mike Scudday for a paddling trip on the San Marcus River. We started the trip at the Westerfield crossing and ended at the Scull Road crossing. This was Sally's first time in a kayak.

Sally glides with ease through the small rapid
immediately below the put-in.

Sally showing off while the men are momentarily distracted.

Mike cruising along.

The soaring cypress trees provided welcome shade.

Sally enjoys seeing her father split in two.

Mike sneaks up on a bathing beauty.

More turtle soup.

Roots exposed by the undercut bank.

Kathy displays her artistic side with these shots
of water plants in a still area.

Cottonseed Rapids

The group stops for lunch (and poison ivy) at Cottonseed Rapids.
After a thorough scouting, Mike leads the way through the rapids.

Oops - time for a swim!
Note hat still firmly in place.

Kathy and Henry maneuver the Buffalo 16 through
the rapids without too many scrapes.

Mike: "I can do that."

Henry brings Sally's kayak through the rapids.

Sally and Mike have a go at the lower section of the rapids.

Henry and Mike paddle peacefully towards the take-out, just visible
in the distance, hoping the tree doesn't decide to tilt any further.