Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Paddlers - Guadalupe River

About twenty paddlers in nineteen boats enjoyed the trip from the Zoeller Lane crossing to the Sisterdale bridge. The sun was bright and the temperature high, but it was fairly comfortable on the river. Despite rains a few days earlier from the hurricane, the river was running at only about 45 cfs -- down from 65 cfs the night before but still an improvement over the 20 cfs of early in the week.

The main group cruelly left Nancy, Joan, Henry, and Stan behind at the put-in, but we somehow managed to enjoy our relative solitude.

Joan, an experienced kayaker, looks forward to her first journey by canoe. She acquitted herself quite admirably.

Stan works his way through one of the shallow areas.

With the noise of the main group far ahead of them, the "stragglers" were treated with the sight of a herd of more than two dozen deer approaching and crossing the river in small groups a short distance downstream. Below are the last of the deer to cross.

Henry regretted not having the telephoto lens mounted on the camera. (Left click on any photo to enlarge.)

A doe and her fawn.

Nancy and Stan enjoy the show put on by the deer.

Guadalupe River scenery.

The foursome catch up with the unrepentant group at the lunch stop.

Frozen strawberry daiquiris are shared.

Mike is happy to see Donna bring the canoe count up to three.

Pablo has Milo display his technical climbing skills.

After a refreshing break, the paddlers are underway again, including ...

Ann, ...

Susan, ...

Tom, ...

Allie, ...

Lloyd, ...

Miguel, ...

and Scott.

Peaceful reflections.
Reiko and Allie.

Anyone seen a bright yellow and orange kayak?

Joan and Henry explore Velvet Creek.

Stan enjoys the ride through Velvet Rapids in his playboat.

Traffic Officer Susan warns Joline to slow down.

I made it!

Reiko tries a new route ...

... and almost loses it.

Now that was fun!

Stan and Nancy take refuge behind a boulder.

Sandra and Susan share a laugh.

A strong stroke sends water flying, as a new route is successfully negotiated by Lloyd.

Michael crashes through, as Susan uses sign language.

Susan talks Allie into taking the wrong channel.

The hungry pack awaits the next victim of the rapid.
Looks like it's Claire's turn.

Milo carries the remains of his boat through the rapid.

After driving from Houston that morning for her initial outing with the Saturday Paddlers, Donna carefully surveys the rapid before artfully dodging the large rocks in her old (but sharp looking) Wenonah composite canoe.

Pablo, with Milo and Susan in pursuit, slides through.

This post wouldn't be complete without at
least one shot of the local wildlife gathered at the take-out.

So which is longer, the
Prius or the Buffalo?

Not ready for the day to be over, some enthusiastic paddlers gather at the Dodging Duck Restaurant in Boerne to recount their adventures - and talk about next week. (Henry, Reiko, Donna, Joline, Miguel & Claire)