Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Paddlers - Guadalupe River

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Seventeen paddlers (and one wagger) in sixteen boats took advantage of the mid-week rain to head back to the Guadalupe River. With a flow of about 55 cfs, the water level was on the low side, but enough to make the trip from Edge Falls Road to Guadalupe River State Park an enjoyable one. In fact, it was so much fun that Susan, Pablo and Milo (the wagger) made a round trip! They paddled upstream from the park and joined the group for the downstream portion not far from the road crossing.

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Ready to launch. Greg and Renee make their Saturday Paddlers debut as Joline attempts to welcome them with the Vulcan "live long and prosper" salute.

Scott & Reiko at the put-in.

Kathy's photo catches Henry's best side.

Sandra and Nancy glide along.

Dueling paddles - Shelly and Reiko.

Renee invents a new paddling position - or suddenly got shorter.

Pablo finds it's easier going downstream. Robert agrees.

Bob and Tom bring up the rear.

Miguel and Joline focus (as does the camera) on a snow on the mountain weed ... I mean flower.

Kayaks rest at the lunch stop while paddlers frolic in the river.

Greg attempts to fit into a kayak while an angry cypress patiently awaits its next victim.

Bob slips through the rocks, as do Pablo and Milo.

Milo ready to pounce.

Shelly and Eva enjoy the scenery.

Scott intent on picking the right line through the rapid.

Renee "explores" the right bank while Kathy starts her run - her first in a whitewater kayak.

Greg squats on the back of a "Guadalupe hippo".

Renee decides to go through sideways ...

... or backwards.

Pablo having fun.

Susan models her formal gloves.

Joline displays her new "weightlifting" stroke.

No problems for Miguel.

Reiko handles the rapid with ease.

Tom acts as sweep.

Greg and the group ready to complete the run to the park.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Paddlers - South Llano River

The adventurous paddlers ventured a little farther from their usual haunts as the temperature climbed and water levels decreased. Destination: Junction and the South Llano River. The route decided upon was an 11-mile trip from the First Crossing to the State Park. The river was flowing at about 88 cfs, a little higher than the median flow for that date of 75 cfs and the minimum recommended flow of 65 cfs. Although there was a lot of scraping on the rocks, only minimal walking was required.

Note 1: OK, I finally figured it out. To view about forty more photos from this outing, including many nice shots of individual paddlers, go to my Flickr page, and then click on "Slideshow." These additional photos are substantially downsized. Contact me if you want the full-sized version of a particular photograph.

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Twelve of the fourteen paddlers arrived on time for the rendezvous at the scenic Super S parking lot. Munchies were purchased.

Tom slapping himself for riding with Susan.

Bing entertains Joline. Note him favoring his right leg.

Jodie, Susan, Mike and Bing try to ignore Bing's missing right leg.

Tom Cayton at the first rapid.

Cleo in his easy chair. What me, paddle?

A fisherman in the distance.

Cleo among the boulders.

Clear water and ...
... lofty bluffs.

Henry enjoys the scenery with kayakers in the distance.

Mike, always on the lookout for wildlife, spots a beaver nestled in the roots of a tree.

Spot it?

Nancy moves in for a closer view. Look out for those teeth!

After only a few miles, the paddlers take a break for lunch, perhaps not realizing how far it is to the take-out. The prospect of frozen margaritas may have influenced Joline's decision.

Our lady of the lake.

Tom Locke enjoying the peaceful river.

A body floats by, but the paddlers are too busy eating to notice.

Crowded parking lot at the eatery.

Cleo dodging rocks.

Joline finds something amusing about Mike's navigation. Or are they sharing a private joke about the photographer?

Bing resting.

A river of grass.

Underwater plants, too.

I thought this was a navigable stream!

A short portage around a private road crossing.

Mike battles the current.

Beached kayak and house on ridge.

Clouds in the river.

A refreshing break at the junction of the river with a small tributary.

Tom at the busy State Park crossing. He's quite skillful at catching riderless boats as they pass under the bridge.

As the sun starts to settle a little lower, the last paddler reaches the take-out at the State Park.

After a hard day's work, eleven of the paddlers meet at Junction's La Familia Mexican Restaurant for dinner.

What shall we order? Looks like Mike has already figured that out.

Looks like we didn't really like the food.