Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday Wildlife

On April 15, a raucous clamor from our backyard drew my attention. It wasn't the taxman coming.  Instead, the racket was emanating from several species of birds upset about an intruder.  The unwelcome (to the regular inhabitants) visitor was a large barred owl (Strix varia).  It was perched in the large goldenraintree planted by Kathy years ago.  

After being harassed and occasionally dive-bombed by its tormentors for several minutes, the owl moved further up the tree.

Finally, it flew over to our neighbors' oak tree.  There, a white-winged dove (note the tail feathers to the left of the owl) expressed its displeasure by flapping its wings and making periodic passes close (but not too close) to this magnificent bird of prey.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Paddlers - Frio River

The July 4 weekend found the Saturday Paddlers taking advantage of the holiday by traveling to the Frio River.  We put in at the Hwy. 127 bridge in Concan and took out at the RM 2690 low water crossing, a distance of about six miles on the water.  The Frio was running at about 260 cfs, a fun level for my first trip on this beautiful little river.  By starting at Concan, we missed the hordes of tubers clogging the river upstream of us.

Robert, Reiko, Joline, Sandra, Kathy, and Terry waved at the photographer shortly after launching.  The impatient Don and Joan had jumped ahead.

Joline (Dear Leader) in her patriotic boat and Sandra in her pink one

Robert, Don, and Sandra

Kathy maneuvers around a bend.

Sandra picked up a punctured tube.

Robert, Kathy, Joan, Terry, Sandra, Don, Reiko, and Joline anxiously waited for the frozen margaritas to be served at our stop for snacks.

Note:  To see all sixteen photos from this outing, click here.